Following the painting efforts of four gamers


How long…?

So apparently it’s been over a year since my last post…since then I’ve finished 2 projects at work and had a kid! Who’s turning 1 next week!

ANYway my painting time was majorly curtailed, but I have some more time now, so back to it. Here’s some pics of my latest figures.

First the casters.









I also got around to painting up Whelps, (walking snacks) Janissa (a kick arse solo) and 2 fell callers, great buffers).

Whelps JanissaandFellCallers

But most of my painting time over the last year has gone into my Battle Engine, behold the mighty WARWAGON!


He even got some table time last week, when Luke came over to beat me in a 50 point game. Hopefully we’ll get some regular games in now so I can improve on my 7 – 1 loss record.

Well, I’m onto painting up some Bones from the Kickstarter that we’re going to need for an upcoming Pathfinder game. I won’t be able to show them all since they’ll be a bit spoilerific for Luke.





So I recently started playing Infinity with some work colleagues, and I’m finding it a really fun game. I initially picked up the Tohaa, and I’ve played 5 games so far, ranging from 150 – 300pts, including a 200pts a player 2 vs 2 match. So far the Tohaa have emerged triumphant, bar a draw in the 2 vs 2 match. I’ve since picked up the Aleph as well. The models are very detailed, and can be a little tricky to assemble, particularly the Gao Tarsos which is composed of around 11 individual pieces.

Thankfully we already have a pretty cool table setup, with some modular buildings and the catwalk gantry from Micro Art Studios.

I picked up the catwalk armour so we’d have more cover and over a weekend assembled and painted it. With a simple black spray undercoat followed by a heavy drybrush with some acrylic grey paint. I then mixed some white with the grey and drybrushed it again. Lastly I improvised some graffiti:


I’m should have some photos of my Tohaa troops up shortly.

First post for a while

Hi all,

Apologies for typos in this post, mostly missing ‘o’s or ‘t’s – thse keys dn’t wrk so well on this keybard any more sadly.   Little hands spanking the keyboard too often over the years…

So, around August last year, I made a brash comment about committing to finishing my berzerkers in September of that year.  Well, I got the September part right, just a year late! Voila: berzerkers.  they look ok, but not amazing.  I’m just glad they’re done!

130921 006   130921 004 130921 005

The unit Aspiring Champion.  His head is from the Champion sprue of the standard CSM box

The unit Aspiring Champion. His head is from the Champion sprue of the standard CSM box

Also, I finished my heldrake.  Pretty happy with him.  I didn’t magnetise his mouth weapon options (being a flamer or an autocannon).  Instead, I just drilled into his mouth and glued in a short bit of paper clip.  Then I drilled the inside of both the flamer and autocannon.  In game, I just stick the weapon over the paper clip, and hold it there with a bit of blutac.  I’ve also ordered two large oval bases from secret weapons miniatures (‘desert wasteland’, and ‘desert sands 02’) for each of the heldrake and the forgefiend/maulerfiend.

Baleflamer option.  The conical part and the narrower neck sit on the paper clip that protrudes from the  larger cylinder with grooves on the side.

Baleflamer option. The conical part and the narrower neck sit on the paper clip that protrudes from the larger cylinder with grooves on the side.  You can just see a bit of the blu-tac. Whoops!

The alternate autocannon.

The alternate autocannon.

130921 011 130921 010 130921 008 130921 014 130921 007 130921 009

Here are some of the rest of my 40k exploits this year.  Just purple basecoats on these guys so far:

1) the aspiring champ who came out with the CSM release – love this model;

130921 028 130921 027

2) the CSM terminator lord – I magnetised his arm sockets ages ago and each of his weapons. Options!

130921 056 130921 051 130921 052 130921 053 130921 054 130921 055

3) a spare terminator for which i’ve also magnetised the arm sockets, and can equip him with whatever the CSM terminator lord isn’t using;

130921 057

4) a couple of objectives I painted up for 40k.  Two of the bases are resin bases I picked up from Realm of Legends, one is a spare from the CSM Terminator Lord.  The tops are spare standards from the 40k box of 10 CSM.  I’m happy with how these turned out.  You’ll see a nurgle, slaanesh and tzeentch totem there.  The khornate one is used on my marauder horsemen in WFB.

130921 032 130921 033 130921 034

Thanks fr viewing.  Keep your eyes open for another 2-3 posts to follow soon – the dark vengeance box I assembled end of last year/start of this year; a retrospective workshop on magnetising the forgefiend/maulerfiend; and some fantasy models – the gorebeast chariot, and vilitch the curseling.

Short update

So I haven’t done much in the way of painting lately but I did have a few games against my fellow bloggers.

First up I had a 50pt Hordes match against Joe last week.  I took the new Circle warlock, epic Morvahna, against Joe’s trolls led by Borka.  Now eMorv is a bit of a power caster combining a passive reroll ability, very strong spell list and a feat that bring back dead models.  Word on the Privateer Press forums is she’s easily Circle’s best warlock and floating somewhere around 6-7 on the top 10 casters in the game (out of over a hundred).  It was my first outing with her but I have been running a bit of theory and reading some list building posts so I had a good handle on how I was going to run her.

For once we played a scenario and selected ‘Incursion’, where there are three flags and one disappears.  Without going into a blow-by-blow account we had quite a close game.  I knew I had to get some damage into the troll brick quickly and try to hold him back from the flags so I could anchor my flanks and give me a pivot onto a flag to push a scenario win (assuming I couldn’t teleport a warpwolf stalker onto Borka for the assassination).  I was able to throw one of my stalkers in to kill his bomber heavy warbeast that was the main ranged threat to a very hard to hide eMorv.  This had the added advantage of jammed his centre up for two turns (having failed to kill the stalker on the first attempt).  My skinwalkers on the left flank chewed through the Buffalos while my right flank collapsed as the bloodtrackers were cleaned up.  The central flag disappeared meaning we both had to split forces to a degree.  I was able to get my last stalker ported next to Borka and feated to pin him in place (he has stumbling drunk which makes him scatter randomly when hit).  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to land enough 6s to hit and left him on 5 wounds!  I had lost the attrition game at this point and went for the scenario win using eMorv to dominate the left flag behind a wall of skinwalkers while the remnants of my army flooded the right flag.  Joe had a gutsy attempt to get a troll close enough to contest the left flag (throwing his own model) but just wasn’t close enough to really apply pressure or clear the right flag to chase me on scenario points.  eMorv is definitely one of the strongest casters I have played, a good shift from Grayle (widely regarded as the worst circle warlock) who I took to the last tournament.

For anyone interested in some really great battle reports there is a user on YouTube who has posted up some vidoes of top players at the recent Adepticon US tournament.  The sound is a bit sketchy at times but they are really great to watch and will definitely give you some tips.  See them here.

Next up I had a 2,500pt Warhammer Fantasy game against Lachlan.  It was good to crack out the 6×4 table and have a serious amount of painted models on the table for a change.  I took my recently updated Vampire Counts (I picked up a painted army on eBay a year ago and had a commission painter expand it) versus Lachlans Warriors of Chaos.  After one shoting my 500pt Vampire Lord with his Hellcannon on turn 2 it was an uphill battle.  Grave Guard proved solid in smashing apart a warrior unit while a CC vampire hero cut into another unit before both started to suffer from not healing up.  Lachlans general miscast and got sucked into the warp granting me a good chuck of VPs.  We called it on turn 5 I think with Lachlan taking a solid victory 2300 odd VPs to 1200 odd.  I think it’s a solid victory anyway, we were a bit rusty and struggled to separate the rules from earlier editions – random charges now!  Great fun and definitely looking forward to getting the VCs out more often, maybe I need a dragon though…

Coming up I’ve got a team tournament so I’ll be back onto the Hordes practice to try to improve my performance from the last team event I attended.  Not long after that will be one of the biggest Warmachine/Hordes tournaments in Australia so I want to get painting and bring a fully painted list at some point.

In other news Wyrd announced today they are playtesting v2.0 of Malifaux over the next few months for a pre-release at Gencon in August.  I’m a bit short of games on Malifaux recently with most of the locals playing 40k or Warmachine/Hordes while Josh and Lachlan are pretty busy (plus new Tau!), but I’m really looking forward to this.  They aren’t making huge changes but they will streamline rules and rebalance models/factions which should make me hungry to get more games in and paint some crews up.  I’m excited!

Super fun happy post (sans pictures)

Okay, so I said I would post today, and I will.

Unfortunately, I haven’t taken any photos. So it’s all text, sorry.

Going way back to September or so last year,  I think I made some rash comment about committing to painting 10 khorne berzerkers by the end of that month.  Well, I didn’t, though I did get them very close.  They are done but for their backpacks and some minor purple highlights on one shoulderpad per model.  They came up okay, though the amateurishly applied base coat from 10, yes 10, years ago means that they could have come up a bit better.  Expect photos soon.

In early-mid December 2012, Pete returned to Oz from the US for a short visit, and very excitingly, brought back my half of the Dark Vengeance starter kit.  In a frenzy of buying and assembling I bought the new Chaos Marine codex, (a fairly balanced dex, I thought); put together the dark vengeance kit (6 chosen chaos marines, 20 cultists, a lord and a helbrute) over a relatively short space of time; and, magnetised the pants off the maulerfiend/forgefiend kit, which i also bought.  I don’t know how many magnets went into him so that I could use him as both kits, and with different weapon fit-outs, but planes now fall out of the sky when they pass directly over our house…

Also in Dec ’12, I bought the heldrake – the new chaos flyer.  Having not been a big fan of it when I first saw teaser pictures of the model, I can say that I am converted.  It is a lovely model, though very painful to paint – you will sympathise when I post pics.  I have spent most of my painting effort for Feb and March on this model, and have completed all basecoats and a wash – ‘just’ highlights to follow.

Over Jan 2013 I undercoated everything else and did a first basecoat too, so all is nice and purple.  Pictures of the dark vengeance kit, and individual components and different assembled options of the forge/maulerfiend also to follow.    And of course, pics of the heldrake.

Finally, with the new Warriors of Chaos for WFB released in Feb this year, I purchased the new army book; the Chaos Chariot, which I assembled as the brutal gorebeast chariot (T6, W5, 3+sv, killing blow impact hits, 2 CW charioteers w halberds and the gorebeast with 3 s5 attacks); and the amazing Vilitch the Curseling model.  I am really taken by this sculpt and once I finish my heldrake, Vilitch is my next painting job.  I have assembled both the Chariot and Vilitch in the last two weeks and will undercoat them on ANZAC day weekend.  Again, pics will follow.

Luke, Josh, gameage that weekend?

Cheers all.

Blog Necro!

Ok so we’ve all been way too slack with this painting caper so I’m necro’ing this blog to get everyone moving again.

As usual I’ve been acquiring models far more frequently than I have been painting.  However I recently played in a team Warmahordes tournament (VICC) which required fully painted armies.  Queue me painting like a madman.  I was able to borrow a painted Mohsar so only needed to paint up the following in about three days (plus a few 1am stints): 1 warpwolf stalker, 5 gatormen, 1 gallows grove, 3 shifting stones and a little more work on Megalith (who I had already spent some time on).  I got them done but need to finish the bases on the gatormen and finish painting Megalith (who rolled down my table right after taking the photo and is now a little chipped). Anyway pics below.

While working on Megalith I also started work on two woldwardens (no idea when I’ll even need two of them) and a Woldwyrd.  Work was also commenced right after my last blog post on the 5 skinwalkers, however they were quite annoying to paint so I stopped till the new warpborn alpha released (and one of the axes broke due to bending in my case).  I just picked it up last weekend and spent ages assembling it; a lot of funny joins that need pinning but a very cool model nonetheless.  I have done some work on a Ghetorix conversion which is coming along nicely as well.

Recently acquired is a Yan Lo crew for Malifaux with some Oiran and Izamu the Armour.  I’m looking forward to getting Izamu on the table and having a melee beatstick than can take some punishment!  Also acquired is the new Circle Orboros caster, eMorvahna, who looks extremely good on the table and may just turn around my very average performances at the last few tournaments (2-2 at Arcanacon, 2-2 at Warmarch, 1-2 at VICC and 2-2 at Conquest).  I haven’t been getting enough practice games in so rocking up and writing a list 5 minutes before the tournament starts is clearly a terrible idea!  Tomorrow I’m off to Geelong to play in a malifaux tournament, haven’t picked up the deck in a while so I will probably just go with Seamus so some fun times.


Team Lynch assembled

So not a big update but I’ve assembled my dark debts crew that I got from GenCon. A couple of them were extremely fiddly to assemble (one of the depleted has three parts to one arm).

I have had one game with them again Josh who was using Marcus.  The crew doesn’t seem to play like other crews, probably due to the unique nature of Lynch.  Basically Lynch has a poor stat line for a Master with an average gun and some defensive actions to keep him away from melee.  The power comes from a spell and some abilities that allow you to draw lots of cards which can make his crew and in particular his totem go hard.  The Hungering Darkness (aka Hippo) is a brutal melee spirit with an obey spell that affects ‘brilliant’ models.  The rest of the crew work off this mechanism to varying degrees.  Illuminated are rugged fighters, the Depleted are fast, tough for their points and annoying and the Beckoners offer debuffs, lures and options to grant and maintain Brilliance.  The two characters in the theme are quite different.  Mr Graves is a solid brawler with some nifty movement focussed tricks.  Mr Tannen offers debuffs on a slightly squishy frame, his main ability makes a model discard a card before they can cheat fate when 6″ from him.

Against Josh I took a Depleted, a Beckoner, two Illuminated, Graves and the Hippo in claim jump.  He had escape and survive from memory.  The game played out with us both expanding across all fronts.  I was able to use a few movement tricks combined with the deadly melee prowess of the Hippo to smash the right flank and swing into the centre while Marcus pressured my left flank.  Jacob proved very squishy and had a bit of a scare but I kept him safe and had removed enough models to deny Josh his main VPs.  Will take a bit of getting used to them for sure!
Paint wise I’ll going to try something different.  I have some of the vallejo metal medium which I’m going to mix with a flesh colour to represent the Brilliance.  I’ll use darker greys over the flesh on the mutation parts, again with a touch of the metal medium to give the minis an unwholesome alien look.  Aiming to get started this week!